The services sector, which accounts for about 53.9 percent of Malaysia's Gross Domestic Product (GDP), remains a key driver of growth for the Malaysian economy. Handling business in this Recreational, Food & Beverages and Accommodation providers (Hotels, Lodges, Resorts and Motels) is a high manpower intensive industry.

While choosing a workers for the industry, several factors are taken into account like health, cleanliness, expertise and persona.

We supply well-trained chefs, cooks, waiter and waitresses, chef de parties, cleaners and general workers for the hospitality and restaurant industry; and supervisors for the cleaning industry. The workers are mainly from Nepal, Myanmar, Thailand, Indonesia, Pakistan and India.

Here’s the list of Sub-Sectors where Foreign Workers are allowed to work within the Service Sector in Malaysia:

• Barber
• Cargo at ports
• Car wash general worker
• Cleaner Handlers
• Cooks
• Distribution Centre Handlers
• Dobby
• Fulfilment Centre handlers
• Goldsmith
• Hotels
• Hypermarket general worker
• Mangrove or logging forest
• Market general worker
• Mining
• Petrol station general worker
• Resort islands
• Shops
• Spa & Reflexology
• Textile business
• Theme parks
• Warehouse
• Welfare homes
• Wholesale and retail businesses
• Workshop general worker